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Changing the World One Black Belt at a Time

Discipline. Confidence. Integrity.

Helena ATA is a family-owned and operated martial arts facility located in Helena, Montana. Started by mother/son duo, Diana Oldham and Evan Rodriguez, Helena ATA is committed to offering high quality martial arts programs. Both Oldham and Rodriguez are 4th Degree Black Belts who share a passion for teaching martial arts to students of all backgrounds and ability levels.

As an independently owned and operated licensee of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), Helena ATA is part of the country’s largest Taekwondo organization. Founded in 1969, the ATA is the premier North American organization dedicated to the martial arts discipline of Taekwondo. ATA has over 130,000 active members training and 950 independently owned and operated licensed facilities. Licensees of the ATA have trained over one million students since ATA’s inception.

The ATA curriculum helps build a strong foundation of Songahm Taekwondo in each person, a foundation from which advancement in the martial arts can be built and added onto. And regardless of the ATA facility you visit, the curriculum and belt ranking system remains the same.

At Helena ATA, we believe that martial arts is for EVERYONE…from the child who needs focus and discipline to individuals with disabilities…to the young woman learning self-defense and the parent looking for inner strength and calm. It is a practice that keeps individuals both physically and mentally fit. Our programs are designed so that everyone is included and can succeed, no matter what. Throughout all of our programs, students will hone crucial life skills such as confidence, discipline, integrity, goal-setting, focus, self-esteem, respect, attitude, and persistence. Ultimately, the acquired skill set will render each student confident and capable of achieving greatness and living their best life on the mat and out in the world.

Besides our affiliation with ATA’s curriculum, our certified instructors are a big part of what sets Helena ATA apart. We know how to tailor instruction to meet you at your fitness level and help you achieve your goals. Our team is energetic and engaging, keeping interest and motivation high. At Helena ATA you are part of a family with instructors who genuinely care about you and want to see you grow as an individual in all aspects of life.

Taekwondo Helena, MT

Our Facility

  • 3,000 square-foot main training area with 20 foot ceilings
  • High quality mats for maximum safety
  • Well-equipped training room
  • Open seating for parents and spectators
  • Accessible and ADA compliant changing rooms and restrooms
  • Equipped for special events such as workshops, parties, and seminars

What Makes Helena ATA Different?

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